Monday, April 17, 2006


Scheduled fundraisers during session would not be permitted under SB1061

Senate Bill 1061 is still being deferred by House leadership and Rep. Sylvia Luke despite an appeal by 14 organizations to have it passed.

Lobbyist contributions during session are a non-partisan problem, but the Democratic Party has highlighted it by openly posting fund raising events on its website.

These fundraisers are a perfect opportunity for special interests to express their "support" of legislators even as bills affecting their companies or industry are going through the legislative process.

There are laws restricting lobbyist contributions in some other states and Hawaii should have one too. SB1061 is very simple. It's preamble says:
The purpose of this Act is to prohibit registered lobbyists who lobby the legislature, principals of these lobbyists, agents and clients of these lobbyists, and any political action committee on which the these lobbyists sit from making a contribution to the governor, lieutenant governor, and members of the legislature while the legislature is in session. The purpose of this ban is to eliminate actual or perceived conflicts of interests.
Don't you think this should be passed?

It won't be, unless the public pressures the House to move it out of committee.

Call Speaker Calvin Say at 586-6100, fax him at 586-6101, or email him at and ask that SB1061, which prohibits contributions during session, be passed by the House. If you enjoy writing letters to the editor, here's a great subject to write about.


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