Saturday, April 15, 2006


Ian Lind discusses corporate intern issue

Over at reporter Ian Lind has started the first real discussion of the issue of corporate interns.

He doesn't agree with me and hopes that David Shapiro (who wrote an op-ed on Wednesday) and I won't take offense. Quite the opposite--I think we need discussion on all sides of this issue. No doubt what's best to do (however that's defined) will end up somewhere in between.

I won't fire back any comments because I hope readers will go check out Ian's article and make up their own minds. The only thing I'd like to say now is that the intern issue is one of several reform issues that are happening at the same time. For example, the Clean Elections or Voter Owned Elections campaign is also in full swing. A bill (SB1061) can still be passed out of the House to prohibit campaign contributions during session. To me, all these are part of a larger fabric of winning back the citizen's role in Hawaii state government.

Cyberspace is a great place for discussion. It's hard to do that in a newspaper or even on a sustained basis on radio or TV. I respect Ian's opinions and hope that everyone will go over to his blog and read his carefully thought out views on this (and numerous other) subjects.


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