Wednesday, March 08, 2006


What are they thinking?

Does anyone think:
Perhaps those who think we'll be better off without regulating gasoline prices also think:Clearly, the record shows that there is no "free market" that will protect Hawaii consumers in the absence of regulation.

Why should we all weigh in on this issue? Because without a working gas cap, money comes out of your pocket and flies directly into the bank accounts of the big oil companies serving Hawaii. That's why. It's not too complicated. They take whatever the market will bear, and are probably thrilled that their lobbying to have the law repealed has gone as far as it has.

Oil money can't be washed off

We will learn eventually what money Governor Lingle raised in Houston and from whom, and we'll also be able to trace oil company contributions to our elected legislators. It will be too late if we let the oil money do its dirty work and the law is repealed. They'll fork over twice as much to prevent a new law from ever being enacted.

Oh yes... Voter Owned Elections... please!


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