Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Bring Sunshine to Hawaii

Yes, the weather has been really bad, but this is about a project to help reform some of the abuses rampant in the current legislative session. There's a petition to sign and more information on legislative abuses.

You probably already know about the Clean Elections movement (properly Voter Owned Elections) that is gaining steam. This is another piece of the reform movement.

It is possible for ordinary citizens to get results. Just a couple of years ago the Legislature was forced to give up the conference committee chair veto, which was used (abused) to kill measures that had been supported by hundreds of hours of testimony -- folks like you and me, going there over and over to support something worthwhile, only to have it clobbered by a single person's veto.

You've also read here and in Pacific Business News about embedded corporate lobbyists, paid by their companies, who as "interns" are close enough to whisper in the ears of legislators anything they want. When is the last time that you, dear citizen, got to whisper anything in a legislator's ear? Interns truly have special access, and that access comes at the expense of constituents.

So please go over to the Bring Sunshine to Hawaii website and add your name to the petition. Please also email your own particular group and tell them about it. Together, we can maybe change this.

Thanks for your support.


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